Turn Your Breakdown Into a Breakthrough With Roadside Assistance

We provide lockout services, flat tire service and fuel delivery in Dover and Durham, NH

Dealing with car troubles can put a real wrench in your plans, especially when you're pressed for time. Instead of feeling frustrated, call Bob's Automotive & Wrecker Service for immediate roadside assistance.

Since 1969, our clients have trusted us for fuel delivery, flat tire service and lockout services. You can count on us to dispatch help to your location in a timely manner.

If you need roadside assistance in Dover or Durham, NH, call 603-742-9709.

When you're in a jam, you need a little piece of humanity to make you feel less stressed. Since we know how frustrating car issues are, we'll strive to provide friendly and exceptional service. Our unmatched care is sure to make your inconvenience less sour.

In addition to fuel delivery, flat tire service and lockout services, we'll also jumpstart your batteries so you can get back on the road. Call today for help in Dover or Durham, NH.